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/laughs/ gr8t

SO I just found out about the Photobucket thing. :/ I'm working on organizing my icon posts so I can reupload them somewhere. (WHERE THO) It'll take me some time since it's about 20 multifandom icon posts (14 "recent" + 6 OG archives) I'll need to reupload. WHY do I make multifandom posts? WHY? Honestly I wasn't going to do anything about it but I saw that people (bless ur souls, thank you) were still visiting the comm so I'll do my best.

Also @Photobucket:

Why u gotta be greedy like that PB.

Ok, back to my shitty gacha game.

Edit #1: Everything is saved and organized by post. (Yay) I just need to find a good host. Is there any image host that would allow custom filenames like PB did?
Edit #2: five. more. posts.
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Most of the 1st page in my icon comm consists of promos + empty promises.

Yoooooo come sign up! This is really fun and you get things. I mean who doesn't want free pretty things? So come on over and sign up if you can! I hope to see you there!

Sry for being trash and promising icons and not giving them but look it's hard for me to code. Altho one day when you least expect it they'll be here ahaha. I need to catch up w/ everything too.
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Actual ICON Promo.

Hey! Long time no see. Ik I keep going mia and only coming back to promo (I keep forgetting to log in :c) but I'm actually here with something this time so yay. Recently I participated in this huge (animanga) icon battle with a bunch of talented iconners and the results are out! The icons are crazy fantastic and they deserve to be looked at so please check out the post! My ass is currently in the process of writing a giant essay over these icons. GO GO GO GO GO GO!


yo katy forgive me for hotlinking.

Someone teach me how to make icons (that are not animanga) again. Also trying to post on LJ rns hell so forgive any mistakes I make. Here have some dancing pikachus:
JM → “ Electric Lady ”

pam!updates: a clusterfuck of promos/thank you's/what's to come

Promo: am_rumble's back! There's this icon request game going on at am_rumble and you should go join it! It looks really fun and I think this is a great way to get people to icon again.

Direct linking that banner, sorry Kay!

Icons: Yes, they're coming. I'm currently working on (shock) a 20inspirations set and there's a backlog of icons I've been meaning to post so look forward to that. Prayer circle for Pam since idk if I'll manage to finish the 20insp post. Here's a preview of the backlog:

Textures: There's a texture post coming up but I'm so damn lazy idk when I'll post it. I should have posted it today but this posts already a clusterfuck I didn't want to add it in. Priorities, amirite? They're texture made out of my toddler brother's paintings and they're fun to use. They good look inverted imo. Preview of textures to come:
[Gif preview of like two textures or maybe four? Idek.]


Thank You's: [MagicAwards thank you's under the spoiler cut.]I never got to properly thank everyone for this last year (there was a reason, sorry everyone) and it's been bothering me quite a lot that I never said thanks so here goes. Better late than never, right? Thanks for supporting me, thank you for liking my icons, thank you so much for sticking around, thank you to anyone that nominated me, voted for me, did anything for me, liked me, etc. I sincerely appreciate your support and if I continue to make icons I hope you all continue to stick around. ♥ I love every single one of you and I am honestly grateful for the tremendous support these last 4 years. ♥

That's it. I'm going out rn so ik I fucked something up so when I come back I'll fix w/e I need to fix. I PROBABLY NEED A CUT. CUT TBA. THINGS TBA. I'M SO SORRY.
FEH → “ Sweet Dreams ”

(no. 14); 133 Skittle icons in various flavors.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA? AHAHAHAHAHA? HAHAHAHAHA. AN ICON POST? FROM ME? IN JUNE? You should thank the NBA Finals for this post. Part of it was motivation and part of it inspiration tbh. About this post: I've been hoarding these icons since October... Sadly the "finish this shit" folder grew since my last post. :C I had every intention of finishing all the icons in there but I lost my motivation and quit. I'll be honest with you guys tho this icon post wasn't even going to see the light of day. D: There are a lot of reasons for that but I don't think it's appropriate to go into that right now. :O Also tutorials... they're (finally) coming up, maybe even the 2 yrs late requests, maybe I'll finish things I'm supposed to this time around... IF I DO I'LL BE SO PROUD.

+56 Animated (Various animes + cartoons)
+16 Video Games (Various)
+46 TV Shows/Films (Various including Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc.)
+15 Alts

Okay (unnecessary text and composition) post time! :D I've been really obsessed with making everything shiny and complex for some odd reason. Basically what I'm saying I'm doing is sticking text + color on everything bc I can. I'm so metal. I SHOULD JUST ADOPT THE TITLE ~*~BROKEN RECORD OF ICONMAKING~*~ AT THIS POINT. NGL I WILL CONTINUE TO USE COLORS AND SANS SERIF FONTS UNTIL I'M BORED OF IT OR I GIVE UP ICONNING, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. IT'S BEEN 3 YRS THO AND I'M STILL NOT BORED, NOT SRY2SAY. ☆*・゜゚・*\(◉‿◉✿) I'm still struggling with quality btw. I still haven't fixed my glasses so I really do apologize for the super sharp icons. I'VE BEEN WORKING ON IT, IT'S HARD THO! I HAVE HARDCORE ASTIGMATISM SO I CAN'T TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING. :C WHERE IS THE SAVE OPTION? STILL NOT SRY FOR SPLITTING THIS BATCH.
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I'm very anxious rn, I hope you guys like these icons.
Resources / Credit / Watch / Edit / Steal / Hotlink / Affiliate?

JM → “ Electric Lady ”

(tex. 3); 170 icon textures

Idk if posting this is a good idea considering livejournal is banning people left and right for "spam" but I decided I'd give it a try. IF I GET SUSPENDED REMEMBER ME FOR WHAT I WAS: A PAIN IN THE ASS. Here's a set of textures I meant to post awhile (idk?) ago. I used my icons as color bases bc I can and this is what came out of it. Also ik I've been gone for some time and I'm sorry. Also icons, I owe you a post. Atm tho I'm continuing to pretend like I'm going to post them. Also tutorials, I owe you some. Textures are under the cut, there's 170. Yes, that much. Idk what happened either. Hope you enjoy~ ♥ 8I

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Idc if you credit me or not, have fun with them. :3

lol I need to stop making things so late bc there's always something new in my "upload" folder and I have no recollection of ever making it. This is seriously not a joke. You'll see what I mean when I eventually make an icon post.

promo: ask the maker

HI EVERYJUAN. IT'S MY FACE, I'M BACK. I feel bad for disappearing but I came down with a monster cold and it pretty much knocked me out for a very long time. :( (14 DAAYYYYYYYSSSSS!?) I left so many things abandoned bc of it so yeah, I'm sorry. :C Imma post some icons soon btw. I've hoarded a good amount for a mini post so look forward to that. Preview is down below.

ANYWHO IT'S TIME FOR THIS AGAIN. ASK. ME. ANYTHING. I'll try my very best to answer everything I can, all I ask is that you're patient w/ me. :O

Ask The Maker 4.0 || My Thread

lol btw I actually made an icon progression (review?) post but then I realized I made no progress and cried myself to sleep so I'm not posting it. The worst part is that I coded the whole post, it's like what a waste. It's like last year all over again.