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pam!updates: a clusterfuck of promos/thank you's/what's to come

Promo: am_rumble's back! There's this icon request game going on at am_rumble and you should go join it! It looks really fun and I think this is a great way to get people to icon again.

Direct linking that banner, sorry Kay!

Icons: Yes, they're coming. I'm currently working on (shock) a 20inspirations set and there's a backlog of icons I've been meaning to post so look forward to that. Prayer circle for Pam since idk if I'll manage to finish the 20insp post. Here's a preview of the backlog:

Textures: There's a texture post coming up but I'm so damn lazy idk when I'll post it. I should have posted it today but this posts already a clusterfuck I didn't want to add it in. Priorities, amirite? They're texture made out of my toddler brother's paintings and they're fun to use. They good look inverted imo. Preview of textures to come:
[Gif preview of like two textures or maybe four? Idek.]


Thank You's: [MagicAwards thank you's under the spoiler cut.]I never got to properly thank everyone for this last year (there was a reason, sorry everyone) and it's been bothering me quite a lot that I never said thanks so here goes. Better late than never, right? Thanks for supporting me, thank you for liking my icons, thank you so much for sticking around, thank you to anyone that nominated me, voted for me, did anything for me, liked me, etc. I sincerely appreciate your support and if I continue to make icons I hope you all continue to stick around. ♥ I love every single one of you and I am honestly grateful for the tremendous support these last 4 years. ♥

That's it. I'm going out rn so ik I fucked something up so when I come back I'll fix w/e I need to fix. I PROBABLY NEED A CUT. CUT TBA. THINGS TBA. I'M SO SORRY.
Tags: !!clusterfuck, !!fuk proofreading, !!learn to condense posts, !!masochist pam is masochist, !!needs more caps lock, !!needs more tags, !!news, !!preview, !!promotion, !!spam, !!winning the olympics on fucking up, !!you guyyyyyyyyys
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